What is the Collaborative Plan for Pro Bono?

The UK Collaborative Plan for Pro Bono (the ‘Plan’) is a profession-led initiative for law firms. Each of the participating law firms has a strong institutional commitment to pro bono and access to justice. Participating law firms collaborate with each other in order to improve access to justice through pro bono in the UK. Participating law firms work collaboratively to develop the systems and infrastructure to allow pro bono services to be effectively delivered to address unmet legal need.

The Plan also incorporates an aspirational target of 25 pro bono hours on average per fee-earner in the UK each year. Target results are publicly released on an annual basis in a de-identified way. The definition of pro bono used in the Plan is the same as that used by TrustLaw in its global TrustLaw Index of Pro Bono, which can be found here.