UK In House Pro Bono Working Group


The members of the UK In House Pro Bono Working Group (the “Group”) share a collective belief that the provision of pro bono work is a professional responsibility for all lawyers. Supported by a Steering Committee, the Group’s aims are to:

  • Foster: Foster a culture of commitment to pro bono
  • Promote: Promote and improve pro bono service and delivery
  • Share: Share knowledge, best practice and resources to build and strengthen in house pro bono practice
  • Connect: Connect in house lawyers, charities and pro bono professionals through networking and communication
  • Collaborate: Work together through collaboration to make the best use of our unique skill set and training for the benefit of others.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please fill in the questionnaire below.  For questions or if you are unable to access the questionnaire (or directly via Survey Monkey), please contact

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