Professional Development

Struggling to find professional development opportunities for your role? Joining the Plan gives pro bono managers the opportunity to develop their practice. We understand the importance of sharing knowledge, experience and expertise and the Plan facilitates this through a number of initiatives including Intralinks and the schemes below.


Each year the Plan organises UKademy, a professional development conference hosted by one or more member firms. UKademy gives members an opportunity to learn from their peers, as well as contribute to meaningful panel discussions on pro bono management and issues affecting the sector. UKademy is completely free and open to anyone who is responsible for progressing pro bono at their law firm, regardless of whether their firm is a Plan member! To find out more click here.


Enjoyed UKademy and can’t bear to wait another year for the next one? Then UKademy+ is for you! UKademy+ allows pro bono managers to organise smaller, in depth sessions on issues important to them throughout the year. Anyone can develop a UKademy+ session and use the Collaborative Plan group to see who else is interested, find speakers and promote the event! To find out more click here.

Pro Bono Mentoring

Struggling to capture your lawyers’ interest for pro bono work? Trying to draft a pro bono policy? Feel you can’t do it alone? Your fellow Collaborative Plan members are here to help!

The Pro Bono Mentoring scheme will find you a fellow pro bono manager to mentor you in your role, and help you with some of the challenges you might face. You will be paired up with someone who has the experience to give you the support you need, and are free to set your own meetings and agendas. Equally if you looking to help others who may be new to the sector, you can sign up to the scheme as a mentor!

For more information, contact Becca Naylor.