Why join?

Key benefits to joining us:

For more information about our collective impact, see our latest infographic and case studies.

What does it cost?

Membership is free. All you have to do is:

  • Adopt the “aspirational target” of 25 pro bono hours (average per UK lawyer, per year)
  • Send someone to quarterly Plan meetings
  • Submit data each year on your pro bono practice

You can also view the in depth aspirations here (click)

But my firm is nowhere near the 25 hour target! 

Don’t worry, our members cover a wide range from 2-100 hours average.  Your hours will not be published nor made public, nor even shared with other Plan members other than in a de-identified format.  It may take many years before you reach the target; what you are agreeing to is that you share our vision that all lawyers should do at least 25 pro bono hours per year.

But I don’t have a dedicated pro bono professional at my firm! 

That’s okay, one of the aims of the Plan is to help firms which don’t yet have a dedicated pro bono professional navigate this area.  Many firms send a partner or associate from their pro bono committee to Plan meetings.

I’m from an in house legal team  – can we join?

You can join the UK In House Pro Bono Working Group!